The OCN Project - Collaborative Net to Grasp Unity
Estimated Release Date: December 2010 @

This project was embarked on as a metaphore. A metaphore of the oceanic feeling of eternity/wholeness in life/in this world.

This project means to sail over the united body of water of this earth. If political and mental divisions are set aside, we see all rivers, seas, lakes, and oceans revolving and enveloping the earth as one. (one miraculous womb - giver/protector of life.)

To make this possible please send pictures of any mass of water, specially seas and oceans of the planet to Please include information about the place where the picture was taken, and if you want to appear in the thanks sections of the project, include your name too. With the material you submit, the final piece would be the result of the broth of all the molecules of H20/pixels.

100LUZiano testi paul, February 2003.

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